2021 – Antoinette Blyth. Fabulous Flowers and French Village Scenes.

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  • April 7, 2021 - April 11, 2021
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Antoinette Blyth, Victoria. Watercolour.

This five-day workshop gives participants the opportunity to focus on drawing, composition, and the mixing of single pigments on the paper, to “catch the light” and achieve finished results that “sing”. The aim is to encourage creativity, consider the thought process, practise the skills and have some fun along the way!

Day 1. With carbon pencil and water, the three elements of tone; lightest light; mid-tone and darkest dark are established, allowing each person to “feel” the flow of water under the brush. From here we move to watercolour pigment looking at the importance of either yellow or blue to create the “right” light for our painting. The mixing of “green” is an essential element in both landscape and floral work. We look at the many ways to make green from our selection of yellows and blues, focusing on “changing the balance” to create a variety of greens that please the eye.

Day 2. Fun with Photos! Working from a photo of a garden structure, or a street scene in Europe, the focus is to make the complicated drawing easy. We look at the starting point with our drawing that relates to the whole, consider the atmosphere we wish to create, and then begin to paint!

Day 3. The first floral, We will observe the characteristics of the flowers/leaves in front of us and focus on those observation skills in determining the light and shade. Working on dry paper we establish the first wash setting the scene for what is to come. From here, the magic happens using both positive and negative painting, allowing our impressions of what is in front of us to evolve.

Day 4 & 5. Today we begin the first step of a still life set up on a slightly larger sheet of paper and this may take the two days to complete. We will be working wet into wet to achieve as much of the work whilst the paper is damp.
Assessment and enjoyment of each person’s work will be the culmination of the five days.

Open to all comers 18 years and over.

Antoinette Blyth is an artist, tutor, and art judge, residing in Melbourne, Australia, and holds a Bachelor of Education.
She has always drawn since childhood and values the skill of drawing highly. Her painting career began in oils but was drawn to the transparency and beauty of the many ways to paint with watercolour, hence her experience of over twenty years imparting the skills of watercolour painting to adults.
She is a past Vice President of AGRA, the Australian Guild of Realist Artists, a member of the Victorian Artists Society, Watercolour Society of Victoria, Sherbrooke Art Society and Whitehorse Arts Association.
Antoinette has work represented around Australia, as well as overseas, and has won many awards and commendations for her watercolour painting, most recently the best Watercolour at the 2018 Sherbrooke Spring Exhibition.
“As an artist, it is the light falling on flowers and leaves, reaching out to cityscapes and rolling over the landscape, that catches my attention and my desire to paint. As a teacher, I feel privileged to be able to impart skills of painting to others in a manner that encourages confidence, individuality and determination to succeed. To watch the development and passion of a painter grow, is exciting and rewarding. The connection over the years with “lovers of watercolour” has been a means of exchanging thoughts, encouragement, and learning. As an art judge, it is a privilege to enjoy the art world from a different perspective. To have the opportunity to comment on the many skills of other artists and imagine the story that they tell by their work is fascinating, enjoyable and holds great responsibility”.



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