2021 – Julian Bruere. Take Your Watercolour Paintings to the Next Level.

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  • April 7, 2021 - April 11, 2021
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Julian Bruere, Victoria. Watercolour.

In this 5-day workshop, students will be encouraged to explore and experiment with the watercolour as a medium, using techniques and additives to test the boundaries across a variety of subjects.  Most artists working with watercolour want to enjoy its splashy and active personality whilst still maintaining a sense of visual integrity.  Therefore, an understanding of Tonal Qualities, Colour Sense and Structure are enjoyed with a view to maintaining personal confidence in the subject.  Drawing is an important partner to watercolour and some time will be spent developing pencil and pen skills.  Many aspects of painting in watercolour, understanding compositions, materials will be discussed during the week.

The workshop will open with some studies, demonstrating techniques and highlighting the qualities of watercolour.  The emphasis will be on painting quickly and to a format or design, we will paint 4 to 6 smaller works from references provided on the day. This sort of work is ideal for travel sketches and concept development.

The second day is setting up more finished works, an open landscape, with exploration of techniques followed by a marine piece. These scenes provide a base for exploring painting additions like breadcrumbs, candle wax, scoring and scratching, thicker paint use, different brushes.

The third day will explore compositional concepts and drawing.  Composition and formats are always a fascinating area for artists to discuss and understand relating back historically and challenging precepts about composition.  Drawing is also, a vital addition to watercolour painting, we will do some drawing exercises based on composition.  The opportunity to work outside will be considered if the weather is kind.

On the fourth day we will do some figure studies looking at poses, proportions and groupings in preparation for painting a crowd scene in an Italian Square.

The final day will look at portraiture through head studies where the difficulties of facial proportions can be worked through and then the more important understanding how light falls on to the painted head.

Day One. Watercolour Sketches across various genre.

Day Two. Application of techniques into landscape and seascape.

Day Three. Explore compositional concepts and drawing.

Day Four. Exercises and figures in a street scene.

Day Five. Portrait proportions and Lighting.

Open to the experienced watercolourist artist, 18 years and over.

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Julian Bruere was born in artistic Eltham. As a teacher, Julian believes and educates artists in the importance of drawing and structure in painting.  The basic genres are explored in a low-key manner allowing artists to find their confidence with the watercolour medium as well as their style and understanding of subjects.  Paintings are made up of Tone, Forms, Colour, Edges and Texture, his teaching concentrates on these aspects. Obviously, Julian likes detailed work and involved watercolour, but appreciates the value of abstraction, impressionism and freedom found in the medium.

Julian’s activities today revolve around, Painting, Teaching, Workshops, Demonstrations, Judging and an active involvement in several Art Societies. He had a working past in Advertising, Publishing and Animation.  Julian is a regular exhibitor in exhibitions around Melbourne, and for the past eight years he has been involved with FIVE, an annual group exhibition of select VAS artists. Julian has been awarded VAS Artist of the Year, 2010, 2013 and 2018, The ANL Traditional Maritime Award 2010 and 2016, The Kenneth Jack Memorial Award 2010 and 2014 and the AGRA Medallion Winner for 2013 and 2015, with multiple awards for watercolour in various Suburban and Rotary Exhibitions including Mt Waverley, Camberwell, Yea, Parade, Warrandyte, Alexandra Bacchus Marsh and Box Hill.  Julian is the Victorian Vice President of the Australian Society of Maritime Artists and a past Treasurer of the Victorian Artists’ Society.  He is a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute and a former member of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society.     



97 Mary Street, Grafton, New South Wales, 2460, Australia