2021 – Mike Kowalski. Loose and Lively Watercolour.

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  • April 7, 2021 - April 11, 2021
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Mike Kowlaski, Victoria. Watercolour.

Whether you are out painting on a windswept coast, or in the middle of town, the important components that make up a quality painting are the same, composition, drawing, value, colour, and edges.

This workshop will help you learn to identify a dynamic painting subject and make the most of it. We will spend some time improving drawing skills which are such an important part of good painting. I discuss my colour palette and the important essentials of colour mixing. Brushwork and edges, so vital to picture making will be touched upon as well as the individual steps I take in painting a watercolour. Painting demos will help you see how I solve problems.

I spend sufficient time with each student to make sure their individual needs are addressed. My workshops are a combination of hard work, concentration, inspiration and above all else, fun.

My aim is for students to find subject matter a bit off the beaten track and outside of the typical studio situation. Nature is the best painting classroom I can think of. My favourite watercolours are those which celebrate the medium, a simple vibrant mix of pigment and water, loose and lively!

This workshop will consist of an initial discussion of materials and techniques used in watercolour work in general. I discuss the choices I make and why, various papers, paints, pigments and brushes, etc. Each day will be divided into two sessions which will consist of finding and defining a subject through thumbnail sketches and working it into a painting.

I may choose shadow and light as a problem or, depicting water, solving perspective problems or maritime subjects as a painting challenge. We will attempt a minimum of two paintings per day allowing a break for lunch in between. I will do at least one demo for the day. I spend as much time as possible addressing the individual needs of each student. Students will receive a handout which will outline supplies needed for the course. I encourage students to attempt some basic drawing and watercolour work prior to the workshop so as to get familiar with their particular needs.

Come prepared to paint, be challenged and have fun.

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Mike Kowlaski was born in the US. I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. Growing up in California as one of five boys, if I wasn’t building a wooden pirate ship with my brothers I was probably in the backyard drawing. I started entering art shows as a teen and eventually earned a BFA from Utah State University. Raised in California and eventually calling Marrowstone Island, WA home for many years. Since 2012 I have lived in Melbourne, Australia with my partner Lynn, traveling to the USA often to paint, visit friends and family and most importantly my four children. I split my painting time between the surrounds of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. I continue work as an illustrator specializing in architecture, book, and travel assignments however spend most of my time drawing and painting in watercolours and oils, as well as teaching in Australia and the USA. In 2015 I was awarded the coveted Silver Medal of Honor at the 148th AWS International Exhibition in New York. My work is influenced by John Singer Sargent, Edward Hopper, Ogden Pleissner, Emile Kosa Jr. and many of the great illustrators including N.C. Wyeth and Dean Cornwell, as well as the Australian watercolourists, Hans Heysen, and Harold Herbert.

I am passionate about drawing and painting, especially in watercolour. Watercolour is a medium that is easy to pick up but difficult to master. The best watercolourists in my opinion paint with supreme confidence. I can think of few things in life I enjoy more than the challenge of painting outdoors with my simple array of brushes, paper or canvas and paint. It is a challenge I can easily lose myself in for hours.



97 Mary Street, Grafton, New South Wales, 2460, Australia