March 14 to 20 inclusive 2017

One of the aims of the workshop will be to try and foster your own sense of connection to the environment and personal experience. Each day will be structured with painting and drawing ideas based on the logistics of travel and painting. You will deal with the problems and advantages of working plein-air. How and what you choose to paint or draw will be discussed on a one to one basis, so that each participant will have a sense of their own space within the landscape. Wallingford Homestead has a great deal of historical visible points which will afford you a wonderful opportunity to create something special to add to your portfolio.

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Only 70 days until these fantastic workshops commence.

Have you ever fancied receiving expert, friendly instruction in your chosen visual art?

Well one of these great workshops with tutors who have been selected to provide students with professional, expert tuition may help you.

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Art Retreat at Wallingford Homestead, New Zealand with Judith White BA. AWI.

Travelling to another country to paint and draw is a unique opportunity; to be stimulated and inspired by an unfamiliar landscape. Capturing an essential quality and sense of place will be an important issue during the workshop. Escape to the Hawkes Bay area of New Zealand’s North Island with Judith White for an inspiring five day workshop, exploring the landscape around Wallingford Homestead. One of the aims of the workshop will be to try and foster your own sense of connection to the environment and personal experience. 

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PORTRAITURE AND THE NUDE – Explore Drawing and Painting the Figure with Nic Plowman


This workshop will explore figure drawing as a basis for painting the figure and creating a portrait. From life drawing to portraiture the human form has been the central subject of Western art since the ancient Greeks. The workshop will focus on using observational drawing methods by working directly from the model in a studio environment. Students will work through a series of foundational exercises and strategies that will improve and build on their life drawing abilities, explore the potential of various painting methods and focus on skill development. This fun and exciting workshop will help participants to “see” and encourages learning from mistakes.

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Janet Matthews Wildlife in Pencil, Graphite, Colour Pencil & Watercolour Pencil

Janet Matthews Dip and Grad Dip Vis Arts, WASF, AGRAF.

This is a workshop that will explore how to draw wildlife with personality and detail as well as learn many techniques for using Colour Pencil, Graphite and Watercolour pencil. Graphite – Janet will share her techniques in graphite, drawing a long haired animal, using resist methods, blenders, erasers and how to use the full range of different pencils.

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This workshop will introduce students to an unorthodox approach to painting. Be prepared to scrape, spray, throw and roll paint; and leave brushes to last. Working with warm and cool colours as well as transparent colours for glazing, exploring some mediums, starting with the abstract to impressionism, students will be encourage to unleash their untapped creativity without restriction.

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Grace Paleg AGRAF “The Passage of Light in Pastel”

Three major subjects Still life, Portraiture and Landscape in pastel. We shall be studying the passage of light across these subjects following Tonal Impressionism, which is about understanding how and what we see reduced to its most simple form. An extra element of Precious Leaf will be incorporated into portrait images to make each individual work something special.

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The focus of this workshop will be mainly acrylic painting techniques using texture, design and colour with some mixed media (charcoal, pastel etc). You will be playing with backgrounds and also learning many different application techniques. Exciting colours and colour combinations will be used, taking reference from nature and life and applying our own little twists. We will get a bit more adventurous and explore the unknown, and also resurrect some old works. For those not so adventurous there is always plenty of detail to apply which is included into the process anyway, a bit of fine tuning.

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This week will be an opportunity for student and tutor to collaborate in a structured work environment. This will challenge and maximise each student’s potential enabling them to produce exciting light filled paintings that resonate with the viewer. Colley will be ensuring that the works produced have subtle tonal values when needed and contrasting dark to light values, sound and interesting compositions, exciting brushwork, colour temperature of each painting and also paying special attention to the importance of edges. Colley will conduct an onsite demonstration and work in a controlled studio environment.

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