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The 2017 Go Art Exhibition for both Student and Adult artists and will be held at the Grafton High School MPC hall over the June Long Weekend, 9th – 12th June.

Go ART at Grafton High School

Go ART at Grafton High School

Watch your fears and frustrations disappear

Over these 5-day visual art workshops.

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Adventures in Acrylics with Chris Postle

Acrylics Art Workshop

The focus of this workshop will be mainly acrylic painting techniques using texture, design and colour with some mixed media (charcoal, pastel etc.). Playing with the backgrounds also, we will be learning many different application techniques.

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Fiona Craig – Painting Vibrant Flowers in Oils

Fiona Craig paints floral, still life and landscapes in oils, watercolours, pastels and mixed media.

This workshop will cover techniques that are useful for rendering flowers in the medium of oil paints on canvas or board. It aims at the achievement of vibrant artworks that convey a sense of light, shadow and sculptural form.

10 documentaries that every art lover should watch.

In this list are some of the best movies that art lovers can’t miss out on. Watch Pablo Picasso or Gerhard Richter at work or get up close and personal with camera-shy photographer Cindy Sherman. On this list, there’s something for everyone.

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Mignon Parker Mixed Media Workshop

Acrylic Still Life of Flowers, Figures in the Trees & small studies of owls on paper


Put your own brand of artistic expression into this fun five-day workshop. The week will begin with painting a still life of flowers, fruits, and coloured drapes. For this you will be using acrylic paints and be working on a black primed canvas, the finished painting will have a look of contemporary realism.

Heidi Willis Botanical Art

This wonderful 5-day painting workshops’ focus will be on the essential watercolour painting techniques necessary to create a series of beautiful fruit and vegetable illustrations, as well as a day exploring insects, a favourite complimentary element of this work.

Paul McDonald Smith oil painting workshop

STILL LIFE AND PORTRAIT IN OILS – Having fun with Faces, Fruit and Flowers

Paul McDonald Smith OAM, FVAS, FRSA

Watch your paintings come to life with light and shade, form and space and sparkling with colour.

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John Lovett painting workshop


Australian artist, John Lovett was born in Cooma, NSW, in 1953. He studied at the National Art School, Newcastle, and has been painting professionally since 1979. He has held over 40 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous mixed exhibitions. John’s work possesses an emotive power and vitality that is enhanced by his use of light, colour and strong sense of design.

Herman Pekel Painting Workshop

Be Brave and Have Fun with Watercolour or Acrylics – Art Class

A step by step process will begin in this workshop with fast foundation painting and will end with final approach options that are easy to learn and thought provoking.

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Top 10 Fascinating Unfinished Paintings.

What causes a painting to be left unfinished?

Did the artist run out of inspiration? Did their commission money dry up? Did they get bored, frustrated, or disenchanted? Did the artist or their subject die before completion? Behind every picture lies a story, and that is especially true of incomplete works. This list looks at ten unfinished paintings and the intriguing, surprising, and poignant reasons why.

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