Honeyeaters and Flowering Gum in Pencil, Colour Pencil and Graphite

Janet Matthews art class

Janet will show students the techniques needed to fully explore colour pencil and graphite.  The subject of this workshop will be honeyeaters and Flowering Gum.  Each student will design their own artwork for completion, giving each student the chance to be simple or complex in their design.

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Beginners Workshop in Pencil & Graphite Pencil


This workshop will introduce the fundamentals of botanical drawing and progress to painting in watercolour.  Initially, the focus will be on accuracy and observation in order to train the eye to see what is there, not what the mind thinks is there. We will begin by drawing botanical subjects in graphite pencil, concentrating on the controlled line, shading, tonal contrast and perspective (including foreshortening).After drawing simple plant structures we will gradually build up to more complicated subject matter. Botanical samples will be provided.

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Sketching and Watercolour painting art class

With Malcolm Carver.

Imagine this scenario: a feeling of despondency starting the week saying, ‘I can’t draw to save my life’…. or ‘I wasn’t born with this skill’ … to the sense of achievement, fulfilment and exhilaration by the end of the week when you discover that you can. Most students just need encouragement. Drawing, of course, is fundamental to all painting skills like the skeletal frame is to the human body. Painting is drawing with a brush!

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Funtastic Acrylics

This workshop will introduce students to an unorthodox approach to painting.

Be prepared to scrape, spray, throw and roll paint; and leave brushes to last. Working with warm and cool colours as well as transparent colours for glazing, exploring some mediums, starting with the abstract to impressionism, students will be encouraged to unleash their untapped creativity without restriction. Enjoy demonstrations and Jenni’s individual guidance. You will leave with a newfound creative confidence and a greater understanding of managing acrylics. No previous experience is necessary; just an open mind!!! Open to all comers, 18 years and over.

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11 brutal truths about creativity that no one wants to talk about

Humanity has revered creativity throughout time, from the ancient Greeks to modern-day painters, poets, and web designers.

It’s one of those ineffable things that’s extremely hard to define but you absolutely know it when you see it. It’s also the driving force for so many of us, to the point where we’ve created an entire category of worker that just called “creative.”

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In this exciting workshop,

there will be lots of step by step demonstrations explaining the watercolour process, the importance of the first wash, correct transparency, a full explanation of correct timing before you move onto the next wash, in-depth colour theory, tone drawing and composition.

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