I don’t know about you, but little facts and trivia about artists make them seem more human to me.  Here are some interesting things I have found while scouring the interwebs.

  • DaVinci became a vegetarian for moral reasons. He even bought caged birds at outdoor markets and set them free.
  • Caravaggio murdered a man, fled Rome and eventually ended up in Malta, where he was knighted.
DAVID AND GOLIATH by Caravaggio. The head of Goliath is a self-portrait.
  • The Pieta is the only work Michelangelo ever signed.  While delivering it, he overheard someone remark that he couldn’t have done that – he was too young.  He went back that night and signed it.  He was 23 at the time.
The Pieta by Michaelangelo.
  • Rembrandt filed for bankruptcy.
  • Picasso had his first art show at age 13 – showing paintings in the back of an umbrella store.  In his 90th year, he produced 200 paintings.
  • Duchamp deliberately accumulated dust to use in his artwork. He also perfected a system of winning at roulette and was on the French team at the International Chess Olympiads.  He eventually married Matisse’s ex-wife.
  • Matisse’s painting LeBateau hung upside down for 46 days at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.



La Bateau by Matisse – right way up.
  • Paul Gaugin worked on the Panama Canal.
  • Rodin died of frostbite.
  • George Braque was the first living artist to be exhibited at The Louvre.
  • There is a silhouette or a self-portrait of Dali in all his paintings.
  • It is said Da Vinci invented high heels.

Anything you want to add?


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