Grafton Art Club celebrates Golden Anniversary

THE Grafton Art Club is a flourishing and active club and has added to the growth of the visual arts scene of the Clarence Valley for 50 years.

The club, started by students from the 1960’s who attended the Grafton Technical College’s Art Classes. In the late sixties, a few of the students decided that instead of traveling to Lismore to participate in casual courses run by an art club it would be more beneficial for Grafton to have an art club, so in 1967 Grafton Art Club was born.

The members of Grafton Art Club have given numerous exhibitions since then. The principal one each year, the Jacaranda Art Exhibition, is held in conjunction with the Jacaranda Festival.

Fifty years later and the club has a constant series of workshops in watercolour, life drawing, sculpture and oil painting tutored by local artists.

We wish many more years of achievements to the Grafton Art Club and congratulations to all its members on attaining this milestone.

As a part of the celebrations, twenty-five members of the club have exhibited 52 paintings in the art exhibition “Landscapes of the Clarence Valley.” Artists included are Vicki Corbett, Averill Wiblen, Leisa Williams, Coral Eastwood, Sarah Dougherty, Elizabeth Lund, Jenny Johns, Linne Pattenden, Pauline Cole, Lucy McGill, Anne Carter, Ray O’Shea, Carole Bryant, Lola McPhee, Lois Blanchard, Daphne Maughan and Vicki Gooch.

The other celebratory exhibition is an online exhibit called “Collection: Grafton Art Club.” This show displays the artworks by past and present members that held in the collection. You can view it on a monitor at the Grafton Regional Gallery. Artists included are Pam Fysh, Robyn Jackson, Merv Ebeling, Patrycia Buckland, Anne Falkner, and Stacey Conridge.

The exhibitions are on display in the Grafton Regional Gallery’s historic Prentice House and will remain on display until 4 pm Saturday, December 9, 2017.


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