Workshop vacancies for April Art School

As of today, we have places available in the following workshops for our April art school.

01. Kasey Sealy – The Importance of Timing in Watercolour 3 VACANCIES AVAILABLE

02. Amanda Hyatt – Amanda’s Other Art 1 VACANCY AVAILABLE

06. Paul McDonald Smith – Landscape, Still life and portraits.  2 VACANCIES AVAILABLE

07. Fiona Craig -Painting Flowers in Oils 2 VACANCIES AVAILABLE

10. Chris Postle – Adventures in Acrylics 3 VACANCIES AVAILABLE

12. Jenni Kelly – Funtastic Acrylic 1 VACANCY AVAILABLE

16. Leonie Norton – Plants and Pollinators, the birds and the bees. 2 VACANCIES AVAILABLE

18. Janet Matthews – Honeyeaters and Flowering Gum in Pencil, Colour Pencil, and Graphite. 1 VACANCY AVAILABLE


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