1 Vacancy in Leonie Norton’s Botanical Art Workshop

Only 1 place left in this fabulous workshop.

Make your Colours Sing with the Birds and the Bees


This intensive workshop will challenge and reward you on many levels and will extend your overall knowledge of painting techniques while discovering the unique methods of adding pollinators to plants. Identify the correct pollinators which could be birds, bees or butterflies for your plant or flower subject. It is an exciting skill to learn how to place them to create the greatest impact, and it also gives further interest and information to the botanical subject. Bring your chosen plant and images you have for a pollinator subject. Along the way, you will discover the importance of the processes needed for outstanding botanical paintings.

Open to the Intermediate to Advanced Artists only.

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Vacancies Have Opened in Creating With Acrylics Workshop with Chris Postle

The focus of this workshop will be mainly acrylic painting techniques using texture, design, and colour with some mixed media (charcoal, pastel etc). You will be playing with backgrounds and also be learning many different application techniques. Exciting colours and colour combinations will be used, taking reference from nature and life and applying our own little twists. We will get a bit more adventurous and explore the unknown, and also resurrect some old works. For those not so adventurous there is always plenty of detail to apply which is included in the process anyway, a bit of fine-tuning.

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