“Go with the Flow” Watercolours

With Jacky Pearson

Watercolours are the most exciting and versatile of all the mediums.

Jacky will cover the three essential steps for creating a sense of space: atmospheric and linear perspective and stacking.

Open to all comers 18 years and over

Multi award-winning professional artist and tutor Jacky Pearson is fascinated by light and atmosphere which is the driving force for her paintings.  While she specialises in watercolours, loving the sense of freedom and spontaneity which this medium does best; oils, pastels, and charcoal are also a frequent part of her work.  Jacky has painted since childhood although pursued a career in soil conservation.  She now works on her art full time.  Self-taught, Jacky has attended workshops with some of the worlds top watercolour artists.  She believes anyone who wants to can paint and express themselves; it is the desire that creates the talent, the rest is just hard work and some excellent tuition.

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