Pen and Wash with Cees Sliedrecht

Finally, a workshop that is hands on!

From the very first hour in this pen and wash workshop, you will be drawing. I believe in doing rather than sitting around and listening, enduring hours of talk.

  • Yes, I demonstrate but briefly to put you on track.
  • Yes, I complete my artworks in front of you.
  • Yes, I will provide you with topic handouts
  • Yes, I will encourage you not to copy things from the topic handouts exactly. I will help you to change, add, rearrange ideas and work on your story if you so wish.

The pen and wash topics at hand are varied.

They include people and figure drawing and painting. Urban Sketching topics and Street scenes in Grafton. Overseas scenes, Animals/ Birds and more.

If you are already an experienced painter and are a little tired of what you have been doing, this pen and wash workshop would be a new inspiration for you and will help you to breathe new life in your work.

It does not matter whether you are starting out or are already more advanced.

Cees Sliedrecht always loved to do art. When I matriculated, I studied to become a teacher and went to the art academies in Rotterdam and The Hague, learning the master’s way of doing things. 

After several art exhibitions in Europe, traveling the old world, I settled in Australia, Brisbane. Although my career was in business management, my heart was with the arts, and I continued having exhibitions, participated in art shows, won awards and published my work in magazines such as The Australian Palette and The Australian Artist. 

Wow, let’s start……….See you in the workshop!

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