Flowers in Watercolour

Painting flowers with Heidi Willis

Through extensive demonstrations, step by step tuition and guided hands-on learning, this workshop will explore painting realistic flowers in transparent watercolour and botanical style. With a focus on a selection from the beautiful Waratah, Rose and/or Eucalyptus as our subjects.

This is a challenging art form, but for anyone familiar with my workshops, you’ll know that I have very practical, no-nonsense approach to my work and teaching, and I don’t tend to get bogged down in theory in my classes.

Through extensive demonstrations, step-by-step tuition, and guided learning we will work to demystify and simplify the process and create valuable strategies to achieve successful outcomes.

Australian born, Heidi Willis is an entirely self-taught natural history watercolour artist. Her work illustrates our native and exotic plants, fruits and seed capsules.

While her powerful, distinctive portraits of Australia’s unique and spectacular birdlife offer viewers an insight into the world as she experiences it. 

Painting full-time since 2003, Heidi quickly established herself as one of Australia’s leading emerging artistic talents and her international reputation as an exceptional natural history, wildlife artist, and a botanical artist is well established.

Her works can be found in significant public and private collections around the world and often sold before completion. In 2004, Heidi had 20 works selected for her first Botanica exhibition in the Sydney Botanic Gardens.

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