Painting Orchids with Kate Nolan

Orchids are a fascinating and unique group of plants.

Orchids look quite different to most other flowers and can make a fantastic subject in botanical art because of their spectacular shapes and beautiful and unusual colouring.

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In this course, we will aim to use these orchids to create some really special artwork.

An enduring love for the natural world has inspired all Kate’s work and she seeks to inspire others likewise, as well as to maintain scientific interest and practise traditional artistic values to the highest standard.

In her artwork, she strives to maintain scientific accuracy and to balance this with aesthetic values. So she aims always to create striking, beautiful, interesting and accurate artwork.

In all her courses Kate helps students to achieve their personal best in relation to their art.

Kate feels that art is a journey which is completely personal and that this journey is one to take the time to enjoy fully in all its ups and downs.

Art is the expression of this journey and technique is there to support the art, so Kate gives as much tuition on technique as she can in each class as well as trying always to gently remind people of the importance of the journey.

Kate draws her inspiration from nature wherever she travels. She feels that by portraying natures fascinating intricacy, she can express the importance of the connections humans have with nature.

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