Extend your passion in watercolour

With Greg Allen

The workshop is geared to expand horizons in creativity, technical handling of the medium of watercolour, and will include examining the medium in depth.

This workshop is for experienced watercolourists who have sound experience with watercolour and a thorough understanding of the four primary washes and good brush handling skills.

Jump on board! Guaranteed your paintings will benefit. Moreover, it will be fun too!

One of the half dozen professional watercolour artists currently working in Australia, Greg Allen’s career now spans 32 years. In this time he has had a multitude of solo and group exhibitions, not to mention numerous awards for his work including Australia’s most prestigious watercolour prize, the Camberwell Rotary, four times. His achievements and his versatility also mark him as a sought after and highly regarded teacher, both internationally and overseas. Greg is a member of the Australian Watercolour Society, the 20 Melbourne Painters Societies and is represented exclusively by Jenny Pihan Fine Art in Melbourne.

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