Cees Sliedrecht – Out and About with Pen & Wash

A fabulous workshop for urban sketchers and for those who also want to do indoor work.

Online bookings for this workshop are currently unavailable. If you wish to book a place please use the “Contact Us” link at the top to send a message to the office and we will reply quickly. You may also download an application form from here.

You will learn Use of Pen, ways of Drawing, applying Watercolour and have fun with it.

Finally, a workshop that is hands on!

From the first hour, you will be drawing as I believe in doing rather than sitting around and listening, enduring hours of talk.

Yes, I demonstrate but briefly to put you on track.

Yes, I complete my artworks in front of you.

Yes, I will provide you with topic handouts

Yes, I will encourage you not to copy things from the topic handouts exactly. I will help you to change, add, rearrange ideas and work on your story if you so wish.

Therefore, you will notice that everyone’s work will work out differently and your style will stand out, as it is always unique. By viewing other people’s work, you will also learn from them and get new ideas for your work.

The topics at hand are varied. They include people and figure drawing and painting, Urban Sketching topics, Street scenes in Grafton, Overseas scenes, Animals/ Birds and more.

We will do both indoor as well as some outdoor work, weather permitting.

As you may know, Grafton is a great place of history, interesting sites, and stylish buildings. So plenty of topics to choose from when we go outdoors.

I am a qualified teacher, and I know how to get you started and to guide you every step of the way.

So, please do not worry about anything

If you are already an experienced painter and are a little tired of what you have been doing, this workshop would be a new inspiration for you and will help you to breathe new life in your work.

It does not matter whether you are starting out or are already more advanced.

I will help everyone to step up from where you are at.

Wow, let’s start……….See you in the workshop!

ceessliedrecht@gmail.com        www.ceesart.com

If you have any questions regarding the materials requirements for this workshop please contact the office on 02 6643 1528 or info@fayboydsfineartschool.com

 Cees Sliedrecht always loved to do art. When I matriculated, I studied to become a teacher and went to the art academies in Rotterdam and The Hague, learning the master’s way of doing things.  After several art exhibitions in Europe, travelling the old world, I settled in Australia, Brisbane. Although my career was in business management, my heart was with the arts, and I continued having exhibitions, participated in art shows, won awards and published my work in magazines such as The Australian Palette and The Australian Artist. I was a member of the Watercolour society where I became president for some time. Due to my love for teaching and my background in that, I taught among others Art at various TAFE Colleges, Brisbane Arts Academy, Fay Boyd’s Grafton Artsfest, Moreton Bay Artsfest, Fay Boyd’s Fine Art School, Charles Sturt University and the McGregor School, USQ Toowoomba. I opened up my own arts academy in late 1980 which is still in full swing at the Cannon Hill School of Arts in Brisbane. I also frequently run workshops around Australia, New Zealand, Norfolk Island, France, Italy, Croatia, and Greece. Due to my national and international exposure and art education, I am in a great position to offer students a wealth of art knowledge and experience.

Please have a look at my website www.ceesart.com.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in my Pen and wash/ Watercolour/ Drawing Workshop


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