Leoni Duff Pastel Workshop

One vacancy has opened up in the Leoni Duff Pastel Workshop.

In the Leoni Duff Pastel workshop, we will discover what makes an award-winning dramatic landscape and how to tell a compelling story. We will discover and use the design elements necessary to create a great composition and examine the techniques used by the great landscape painters of history; Turner, Sorolla, and the Impressionists. We will learn the important ‘know how’ to make the most of photographic references discovering what to include and what to leave out, how to correct errors in photos and how to exaggerate and emphasise for effect. Learning how to select and confidently undertake a successful composition when painting outdoors (weather permitting). We will apply colour theory knowledge in choosing the palette to make the most of our subject. We will look at the variety of pastel techniques available to us, including textured surfaces, underpainting techniques, stylistic choices. We will look at the stages in a painting and learn how to bring our work to a powerful, dramatic and winning conclusion. Open to those with some experience in the medium of pastel 18 years and over.

Leoni Duff spent many years living in rural Northeast Tasmania in the tiny hamlet of Herrick, and being self-taught, she has developed a personal style, drawing on influences from my study of the history of art and contemporary art practice. Leoni feels this time of solitude to have been an advantage in allowing an independent development of style and a freedom of expression not driven by trends that often move and mould the art world.  Leoni finds that the language of classical art can be used powerfully to express contemporary themes. She also moves beyond the literal and allows the painting to lead in any interesting direction it suggests. Being deeply committed to the exploration of ideas and connections in art, Leoni continues exploring the possibilities of her chosen mediums and extending its ability to convey her responses to life.

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