Mike Kowalski Watercolour

Mike Kowalski will offer his first watercolour workshop at the upcoming Art School.

Watercolour Wild; learning when to tame it and when to let it be free!

I am delighted to offer a new exciting Watercolour workshop, at Fay Boyd’s Fine Art School. We will begin by asking is Watercolour all about control, or is it? To my mind watercolour pigments, more than any other painting medium, have live’s of their own. Each pigment has its own distinct personality. I like to think of them as natural wild creatures. Learning about colours and how they behave and how they mix together, is crucial to making a good painting. Learning when to control them and when to let them go and do their own thing is what we are after in this workshop. The workshops agenda will include what I feel are the most important elements in picture making; Good colour mixing using a restricted palette, understanding values and using them for good effect, wash technique, edges and good drawing skills.

Mike has been drawing and painting as long as he can remember. Growing up in California as one of five boys, if he wasn’t building a wooden pirate ship with his brothers he was probably in the backyard drawing. He started entering art shows as a teen and eventually earned a BFA from Utah State University. Raised in California and eventually calling Marrowstone Island, WA home for many years. Since 2012 Mike has lived in Melbourne, Australia with his partner Lynn, travelling to the USA often to paint, visit friends and family and most importantly his four children. He splits his painting time between the surrounds of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

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