Janet Matthews Birds in their natural setting in Colour Pencil

Birds in their natural setting in Colour Pencil

King Parrots
Gang Gang Cockatoos
Branches, leaves and flowers.

This workshop we will concentrate on two different birds as well as creating their entire setting with background leaves, flowers and branches. Our aim is to complete two artworks as well as studies of different elements.
Our two birds will be King Parrots and Gang Gang cockatoos.
We will learn to draw the male and female of each species, as they are very different colours to each other.

Janet Matthews is a master of her medium of colour pencil and graphite.  Her work has been described as “weaving magic” with a pencil.  With a signature style of combining colour pencil and graphite, she captures, in detail, the personality of her subjects.  She tells her own personal story and shares her experiences through drawing her animals and birds and flowers. Janet works and lives in Narre Warren North, Victoria, with a beautiful studio surrounded by a native garden, where her feathered subjects keep her inspired. 

“My art is my passion, especially pencil.  I love to show the birds and animals in conversation and in action.  There is a story to each of my works, which reflects my own life and experiences, with humour being a strong element.  I love detail and realism, but the story I tell is the most important element of my work. 


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