Georgia Mansur Acrylic Workshop

This acrylic workshop will offer you the opportunity to explore mixed media in a sensory way by ‘dipping a toe into your personal river’ of rich life experiences, memories and imagery to express yourself through creative experimentation.

Acrylic workshop open to all comers 18 years and over, no experience is necessary; Beginners very welcome. 

Georgia is very passionate about sharing her creativity and art with others and helping them gain access to that part of themselves, whether they are a beginning artist or a seasoned professional.  Her students have given her the nickname ‘The Art Whisperer’ so she hopes that you will find something here to inspire, move you to engage more each day with art and the creative process. Georgia invites you to share your experiences, ask questions and be a part of this creative community ~ we are all creative ~ and she will share with you everything she has in her power to do so

~ in the words of Vincent Van Gogh,
“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.”


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