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  • April 13, 2019 - April 17, 2019
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Painting is about creating a convincing illusion on a flat surface – become a magician with paint.

What is involved?

You will be shown how to create illusions on paper means understanding the visual language of colour, shape, line, and tone.

These tools allow us to make convincing illusions on a flat surface.

I will explore the following over the five days:

Colour: for emotive and spatial qualities.

Tone:  to create a sense of form on a flat surface.

How you can create a painting to suggest a space on a flat surface.

Patterns that create textures that are so convincing you want to ‘feel’ them. You will explore Arrangement and composition that will bring all these elements together.

This workshop uses the watercolour medium as the basis for these explorations and will deal with aspects of that medium that are unique to these issues. Open to all comers 18 years and over.

If you have any questions regarding the materials requirements for this workshop please contact the office on 02 6643 1528 orinfo@fayboydsfineartschool.com

Ev was born in Melbourne, one of six children. I grew up on a large block where I could explore the natural world. Two important influences in my life were my father, who was a great lateral thinker, and my maths teacher, who gave me some very valuable advice. He encouraged me to be ‘intelligently lazy’. Little did he realise how often I would use this approach in all facets of life, especially when painting in watercolour – always looking for ways to say more by doing less. I started as an art teacher in secondary schools and my main interest then was printmaking.  I get bored easily and art has taken many different turns. Discovering my own dislike for repetition meant printmaking, except as a monotype format, was never going to be a lasting interest. So began my exploration of different 2D mediums – pastel, oil, acrylic and finally watercolour where I discovered a medium with enough capriciousness to keep me eternally discovering something new. Painting and winning many prizes have seen my artistic voice grow and mature and I am known for painting a wide variety of material all related to my life today. My work captures things that are often taken for granted, which may disappear in the future. Some of these events portray significant social changes, others are just fashion trends.  I have been part of exhibitions overseas and have won many prizes for my work. Being a gifted teacher, has allowed me to share my love of the art with others and become part of their journey in the creative field of painting.  I take many groups, often on location, because here you learn the most.   So teaching is an important part of my life. Understanding that I would not want to teach forever I decided to put my teaching knowledge into a series “Painting with Ev Hales” as 10 eBooks.   Thus writing has become another source of interest and endeavour.  I have also published “Ev Hales A Work in Progress” a study of my artistic journey. www.evhales.com



97 Mary Street, Grafton, New South Wales, 2460, Australia

Please Note: All workshops run concurrently this allows you to only enrol in one workshop. Fay Boyd’s Fine Art School will be held at the Grafton High School. There will be twenty-two 5-day workshops on offer with tutors who have been selected to provide students with professional, expert tuition in their chosen form of the Visual Arts. Grafton is situated on the Northern Rivers of NSW approximately halfway between Sydney and Brisbane. Access to Grafton is possible via car, plane, bus or train.

Grafton's "Bendy Bridge" Credit: Louis Covre, Grafton Fast Photos
WORKSHOP INFORMATION – Following your enrolment you will receive your Student Requirement List, a Models Fee (if applicable), and a map of Grafton plus general information for your convenience. WORKSHOP VENUE – All workshops will be held at the Grafton High School. Classrooms will be allocated on the first morning of the School. SCHOOL CAFETERIA – Lunch, Morning and Afternoon Tea will be available on Campus, pre-ordering of lunches will also be offered. Your support of this small local business offering fresh home cooking would be greatly appreciated. MEDICAL ATTENTION AND INSURANCE – The organiser holds Public Liability Insurance only; students are advised to take out independent policies for sickness, accident benefits, and personal possessions should you wish. The Emergency Department at the Grafton Base Hospital is open 24 hours a day for any emergency treatment required. ACCOMMODATION – Please book your accommodation early. A list of suggested hotels, motels, etc. is available from our Accommodation Page. If you need help or advice, please do not hesitate to phone the office on 02 6643 1528.

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