Looking for Pamela Cox

We are posting a notice here because we are looking for Pamela Cox who was interested in doing Amanda Hyatts workshop in April. We do not have any contact details for you so if you or a friend of yours see this can Pamela please contact the office on 02 6643 1528 and speak to Fay.

CREATIVE VIBRANT WATERCOLOURS Jacky Pearson, New Zealand Watercolourist

Let’s have fun throwing watercolour paint and water around for this five day workshop. Watercolours are the most versatile of all the mediums. Learn some of the techniques needed for lovely glowing watercolours; loosen up those brush strokes, create gorgeous washes, add details as you go. Throughout the week we will be focusing on the effects of light and shadow on our subject matter. Light is said to be the fundamental reason for painting a subject but getting the components of form and cast shadow right is going to give your painting that extra lift.

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March 14 to 20 inclusive 2017

One of the aims of the workshop will be to try and foster your own sense of connection to the environment and personal experience. Each day will be structured with painting and drawing ideas based on the logistics of travel and painting. You will deal with the problems and advantages of working plein-air. How and what you choose to paint or draw will be discussed on a one to one basis, so that each participant will have a sense of their own space within the landscape. Wallingford Homestead has a great deal of historical visible points which will afford you a wonderful opportunity to create something special to add to your portfolio.

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LANDSCAPES IN OIL – The Importance of Tone with Herman Pekel


This is an informative and hands-on workshop designed for artists with some experience, based on the solid fundamental approach championed by the impressionists and realists. The first lesson in painting is don’t ever start a painting until you know why you are doing it. Next is how you are going to do it. Think things through and you will backtrack and correct less often. There is much to be said about spontaneity as long as you plan for it! Before you start a painting, stop and look at your subject and decide some key issues. Ask yourself questions and study your answers.

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Updated brochure

The 2017 brochure has been updated with new contact details for some of the accommodation places in Grafton due to new ownership.

Download a PDF copy here from the homepage. Fay Boyd’s Fine Art School


Join this workshop in the beautiful NSW North Coast city of Grafton, home to the Jacaranda. Have fun learning the magic of watercolour painting and sharing your experiences with other likeminded friendly people. Greg is a patient and encouraging tutor who will introduce you to a loose, impressionistic style of painting. Share his enthusiasm, knowledge and skills in this unique watercolour workshop which will run over five days. If this genre of Plein-Air painting brings doubts into your creativity then this workshop will diminish your fears.

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Tonal Realism: Australian Natives, Fruits, Flowers and Leaves in Watercolour

This botanical workshop will explore the intricate placement of multi stamens in the subject and how to achieve a realistic 3D tonal painting. We will first draw our subject with emphasis on, tone, form, life size, shape and connecting parts, achieving a tonal drawing of the subject (which also becomes part of your reference material) for watercolour painting.

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Janet Matthews Wildlife in Pencil, Graphite, Colour Pencil & Watercolour Pencil

Janet Matthews Dip and Grad Dip Vis Arts, WASF, AGRAF.

This is a workshop that will explore how to draw wildlife with personality and detail as well as learn many techniques for using Colour Pencil, Graphite and Watercolour pencil. Graphite – Janet will share her techniques in graphite, drawing a long haired animal, using resist methods, blenders, erasers and how to use the full range of different pencils.

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This workshop will introduce students to an unorthodox approach to painting. Be prepared to scrape, spray, throw and roll paint; and leave brushes to last. Working with warm and cool colours as well as transparent colours for glazing, exploring some mediums, starting with the abstract to impressionism, students will be encourage to unleash their untapped creativity without restriction. Enjoy demonstrations and Jenni’s individual guidance. You will leave with a new found creative confidence and a greater understanding of managing acrylics. No previous experience is necessary; just an open mind!!! Open to all comers, 18 years and over.

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Fay Boyds’ Fine Art School supports Go ART

Fay Boyds’ Fine Art School is a proud supporter of Grafton High School’s Go ART Open Exhibition event.


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PORTRAITURE AND THE NUDE – Explore Drawing and Painting the Figure

This workshop will explore figure drawing as a basis for painting the figure and creating a portrait. From life drawing to portraiture the human form has been the central subject of Western art since the ancient Greeks. The workshop will focus on using observational drawing methods by working directly from the model in a studio environment. Students will work through a series of foundational exercises and strategies that will improve and build on their life drawing abilities, explore the potential of various painting methods and focus on skill development. This fun and exciting workshop will help participants to “see” and encourages learning from mistakes. 


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Malcolm Carver Architect ARAIA RIBA AWI


Imagine this scenario: a feeling of despondency starting the week saying ‘I can’t draw to save my life’…..or ‘I wasn’t born with this skill’ … to the sense of achievement, fulfillment and exhilaration by the end of the week when you discover that you actually can. Most students just need encouragement. The workshop is open to all, both beginners and those with previous experience.

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Save the date – 2018 Dates Announced.

Dates for 2018 workshops are Sunday April 15 to Thursday April 19 inclusive. 

Fay is currently organising tutors and mediums for the 2018 workshops and these will be added here soon.

Meanwhile browse the workshops on offer for 2017;

2017 Workshops.

58 Days left to enroll in Judith Whites’ New Zealand Workshop

Only 58 days until this fantastic workshop commences. This exciting workshop will be located on the North Island in the picturesque Hawkes Bay area staying at Wallingford Homestead.

For more details click the link below.

Judith White New Zealand Workshop Information.