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Watercolour Workshop with John Lovett

2 vacancies have opened up in John’s popular watercolour workshop for our April Art School.

Make It Simple in Watercolour

There is often a tendency to include too much information in a painting. The result is usually conflict and confusion. In this watercolour workshop, we will carefully examine our subjects and decide just what is necessary, what is needed for support and what can be eliminated?

Sheltered Pool

Australian artist, John Lovett was born in Cooma, NSW, in 1953. He studied at the National Art School, Newcastle, and has been painting professionally since 1979. He has held over 40 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous mixed exhibitions. John’s work possesses an emotive power and vitality that is enhanced by his use of light, colour and strong sense of design. 

Mike Kowalski Watercolour Wild; learning when to tame it and when to let it be free!

Mike Kowalski is delighted to offer a new exciting watercolour workshop, at Fay Boyd’s Fine Art School. We will begin by asking is watercolour all about control, or is it? To my mind watercolour pigments, more than any other painting medium, have live’s of their own. Each pigment has its own distinct personality.

My classes are filled with insight and a good dose of humour. Painting is much better accomplished in a stress-free and fun environment.

I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. Growing up in California as one of five boys, if I wasn’t building a wooden pirate ship with my brothers I was probably in the backyard drawing. I started entering art shows as a teen and eventually earned a BFA from Utah State University. Raised in California and eventually calling Marrowstone Island, WA home for many years. Since 2012 I have lived in Melbourne, Australia with my partner Lynn, travelling to the USA often to paint, visit friends and family and most importantly my four children. 

Janet Matthews Birds in their natural setting in Colour Pencil

Birds in their natural setting in Colour Pencil

King Parrots
Gang Gang Cockatoos
Branches, leaves and flowers.

This workshop we will concentrate on two different birds as well as creating their entire setting with background leaves, flowers and branches. Our aim is to complete two artworks as well as studies of different elements.
Our two birds will be King Parrots and Gang Gang cockatoos.
We will learn to draw the male and female of each species, as they are very different colours to each other.

Janet Matthews is a master of her medium of colour pencil and graphite.  Her work has been described as “weaving magic” with a pencil.  With a signature style of combining colour pencil and graphite, she captures, in detail, the personality of her subjects.  She tells her own personal story and shares her experiences through drawing her animals and birds and flowers. Janet works and lives in Narre Warren North, Victoria, with a beautiful studio surrounded by a native garden, where her feathered subjects keep her inspired. 

“My art is my passion, especially pencil.  I love to show the birds and animals in conversation and in action.  There is a story to each of my works, which reflects my own life and experiences, with humour being a strong element.  I love detail and realism, but the story I tell is the most important element of my work. 

Acrylics Workshop with Georgia Mansur

This workshop will offer you the opportunity to explore mixed media in a sensory way by ‘dipping a toe into your personal river’ of rich life experiences, memories and imagery to express yourself through creative experimentation.

Using a wide range of prepared surfaces and materials combining acrylics, gels, pastes, digital grounds, fabric, fibre and other items to create hands-on (and like LIFE, sometimes messy) expressive pieces of art depicting simple but powerful messages drawn from the endless range of human emotions.

Georgia is very passionate about sharing my creativity and art with others and helping them gain access to that part of themselves, whether they are a beginning artist or a seasoned professional.  My students have given me the nickname ‘The Art Whisperer’ so I hope that you will find something here to inspire, move you to engage more each day with art and the creative process. I invite you to share your experiences, ask questions and be a part of this creative community ~ we are all creative ~ and I will share with you everything I have in my power to do so ~ in the words of Vincent Van Gogh,
“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.”

Antoinette Blyth Watercolour Workshop

“Fabulous Flowers and /French Village scenes – A brush with Water!”

This five-day watercolour workshop gives participants the opportunity to focus on drawing, composition, and the mixing of single pigments on the paper, to “catch the light” and achieve finished results that “sing”. The aim is to encourage creativity, consider the thought process, practise the skills and have some fun along the way!

Open to all comers 18 years and over

Antoinette Blyth is an artist, tutor, and art judge, residing in Melbourne, Australia, and holds a Bachelor of Education.
She has always drawn since childhood and values the skill of drawing highly. Her painting career began in oils but was drawn to the transparency and beauty of the many ways to paint with watercolour, hence her experience of over twenty years imparting the skills of watercolour painting to adults.