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2018 brochure now online.

The 2018 downloadable brochure is now available so that you can have all the workshop information available even while offline.

View here.


Cees Sliedrecht Art Class

Cees draws and paints unique images of life as it exists or happens around him. He uses both traditional and contemporary styles in a unique blend of energy, life, light, movement, texture, and emotion. Many of his paintings contain a deeper meaning and show multi-layered facets, challenging the viewer to examine the artwork in greater detail.

Cees believes that an ideal artwork must appear to have a life of its own. It should respond to the viewer’s mood and emotions and continue to offer change variety and engagement.

Ballerinas waiting to be called – pen and watercolour

Art workshop details

2018 Tutors’ galleries are now online.

Browse through the works created by our 2018 Tutors online now.

The workshop information will be added soon.

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