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April 2019 ART workshops with vacancies

The dates for 2019 Grafton Art Workshops are:

Saturday, April 13th to Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 inclusive.

Please Note that the start day of the art workshops is a Saturday, whereas we usually start on a Sunday, this is because of the Easter Holidays beginning on April 19th, 2019. This will give students of the workshops who travel from afar enough time to arrive home for Easter.

Please Note: All art workshops run concurrently this allows you to only enrol in one workshop. Fay Boyd’s Fine Art School will be held at the Grafton High School.

There are only a handful of vacancies remaining for our April 2019 art workshops. Be quick to secure your place.

View the full list of workshops here

Free the artist trapped inside you art workshopwith Herman Pekel.

Herman Pekel

Using acrylics as watercolour.

In this workshop, students will work with the tutor to articulate their own vision and particular challenges. The intention is to meet each individual exactly where they are and to support them in the production of work in the classroom that expands their practice in a personal way.
The format will lean heavily on individual instruction and will also include lecture and discussion and demonstrations of particular techniques. A step by step process will begin
with a fast foundation painting and will end with final approach options that are easy to learn and thought-provoking. Unearth fresh and honest art inside yourself and learn to capture it with paint. Herman will teach you to find originality in your own work. 

More information and booking page.

Watercolour Magic! art workshop with Malcolm Carver

Malcolm Carver

Watercolour magic intrigues us all, yet it is so easy to become so obsessed with detail, that you often labour too long in striving for perfection.

Capturing the essence, is often more exciting, nailing the magic spirit of a place with the least number of strokes, not more.

More Information and booking page

Techniques in oils art workshop with Kasey Sealy.

Kasey Sealy

In this intense workshop over the five days, we will cover colour tone composition, brushes, different types of oil paint surface preparation to paint on, some painting of photos along with some plein air weather permitting. Learn to get the feeling of light in your paintings, impasto paint techniques, the planning of your painting is essential, and then critiquing the paintings at the finished stage to improve them.

More Information and booking page.

Adventures in Acrylics art workshop with Patrick Carroll

Patrick Carroll

If you want to create paintings that “look more real,” through the improvement of your drawing, this workshop is for you. Both deliberate form-building and gesture will be used to capture the subject’s character. You will be shown how to handle a paintbrush suitable for the painting you hope to achieve, along with covering the canvas with paint. Drawing techniques used in creating bold and vibrant paintings will be demonstrated, such as blocking-in, perspective, and establishing effective value and colour relationships in a painting. 

More information and booking page.

Embracing the Unknown art workshop with Donald James Waters

Donald James Waters

The workshop will begin working with charcoal, developing line and tonal values. We will then focus on the progression of our initial technique through the contamination of the charcoal using white acrylic paint to complete a tonal painting. 

More information and booking page