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Imagine this scenario: a feeling of despondency starting the week saying ‘I can’t draw to save my life’…..or ‘I wasn’t born with this skill’ … to the sense of achievement, fulfillment and exhilaration by the end of the week when you discover that you actually can. Most students just need encouragement. The workshop is open to all, both beginners and those with previous experience. Drawing of course, is fundamental to all painting skills like the skeletal frame is to the human body. Painting is drawing with a brush! Designed for all aspiring artists at whatever skill level, this course is fun … learning to see things and portray them in your own way. Using simple but proven methods of capturing the image, seeing simple shapes, creating depth and appreciating light, you will gain confidence each day. By the end of the week you will have produced a sketchbook of drawings and paintings that you will be extremely proud of, that begin to capture the essence of the world around us. You will have nurtured and developed a skill that will bring immense pleasure to your travels and gain an insight into the wonderful world of sketching and watercolour painting. You can draw! Open to both beginners and those with previous experience, 18 years and over.

Malcolm Carver is an architect and an artist, who has over the past 30 years travelled extensively in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas. He has devoted these experiences to creating extensive travel sketch books, providing valuable inspiration for workshops and studio work in watercolour. Malcolm has an enlightened and passionate approach to sketching, drawing and watercolour painting. Over the past fifteen years, he has run numerous International and Australian watercolour workshops. Malcolm has taught in Grafton since 2009. He believes that we can all draw to a degree and we can learn to see, like other life skills. He seeks to reinforce the fundamental skill of seeing and sketching before painting by simplifying detail in drawing techniques and learning to see shapes.He is a Member of the Australian Institute of Architects and a Member Australian Watercolour Institute http://www.carverstudio.com mcarver@me.com


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