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Suzanne Archer

Please contact the office if you are interested in attending this workshop. 02 6643 1528

This is a workshop designed to take the student from carefully researched small studies from exotic flowers, insects and other found plant material to the development of more creative, imaginative larger drawings using compositions arranged from their original observations. Suzanne will bring a small number of organic objects from her own collection but it will be a great advantage if the student can bring their own exotic flower specimens and any other plant material that they are interested in drawing. This will give them the opportunity to study the objects in detail and allow them to gain an insight into subjects we often take for granted and the opportunity to investigate a more personal and experimental approach to image making. Initial studies and compositional arrangements will first be made in their sketchbooks using pencil and pen and ink followed by a gradual increase in the scale of the drawings and a more rigorous use of charcoal to culminate in one major work or a set of works by the end of the course. Open to students, 18 years and over.

Suzanne Archer has exhibited on a regular basis in Australia since 1967 and was a Sessional teacher in the Painting and Drawing Departments at the National Art School for many years. She has had 40 solo exhibitions and has been the winner of many Art Awards including the Wynne Prize for Landscape Painting in 1994 and most recently the Dobell Prize for Drawing in 2010. Suzanne’s work is represented in many Regional Galleries throughout Australia. Her last Regional Gallery exhibition was The Glass Depository at Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery in 2014 and her last Commercial Gallery show Beneath the Skin was at Nicholas Thompson Gallery in Melbourne in 2015. In June Suzanne will be participating in a Regional Gallery Exhibition Three Women Went to China which will open in Muswellbrook Gallery and then travel to Tamworth Regional Gallery.Her next solo exhibition will be at Janet Clayton Gallery, Sydney in September 2016. She will also be having a Survey show Suzanne Archer – The Alchemy of the Studio at Macquarie University Gallery, Sydney in September 2016. She is represented by Janet Clayton Gallery in Sydney and Nicholas Thompson Gallery in Melbourne.

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