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Jacky Pearson, New Zealand Watercolourist


Let’s have fun throwing watercolour paint and water around for this five day workshop. Watercolours are the most versatile of all the mediums. Learn some of the techniques needed for lovely glowing watercolours; loosen up those brush strokes, create gorgeous washes, add details as you go. Throughout the week we will be focusing on the effects of light and shadow on our subject matter. Light is said to be the fundamental reason for painting a subject but getting the components of form and cast shadow right is going to give your painting that extra lift. We will also study the three important steps for creating a sense of space: atmospheric perspective, linear perspective and stacking (the most important). We will also examine what the great past masters knew about composition and the arrangement of shapes and how to utilise rules based on, for example, the Golden Section. Using a variety of subjects, from landscapes and skies to water scenes, boats, figures and buildings, we will explore a range of watercolour techniques. Jacky will demonstrate techniques step by step and give you plenty of time to practice. Generally we will paint a full painting every day usually in the afternoon with build-up exercises for that painting each morning. For early risers optional sketching before breakfast on some days and a cafe warm up afterward! Jacky will bring along teaching sheets and 3D models; handouts and photo references will be provided. Open to intermediate beginners to experienced, 18 years and over.

Multi award winning professional artist and tutor Jacky Pearson is fascinated by light and atmosphere which is the driving force for her paintings. Whilst she specialises in watercolours, loving the sense of freedom and spontaneity which this medium does best; oils, pastels and charcoal are also a frequent part of her work. Jacky has painted since childhood although pursued a career in soil conservation. She now works on her art full time. Self-taught, Jacky has attended workshops with some of the world’s top watercolour artists. She believes anyone who wants to can paint and express themselves, it is the desire that creates the talent, and the rest is just hard work and some good tuition. Jacky exhibits in galleries and exhibitions around NZ and overseas and holds regular workshops locally and overseas. She holds regular classes in the Hutt Valley at Hutt Art and she has holds regular workshops and masterclasses in New Zealand, Australia, UK and Holland and also teaches in Belgium, India and Greece. Her work is held in private and public collections and “Save our Trolley’s” represents New Zealand in the permanent collection of the International Museum of Watercolours in Mexico City. Jacky has won numerous prestigious awards including twice the Raye Hannan Memorial Trophy at the New Zealand Royal Easter Show. Her work has twice been selected for inclusion in the North American book “Splash” representing Best of International Watercolours, 2011 and 2015. Her work has been featured in international and New Zealand magazines and calendars and recently the Australian TV company “Colour in your Life” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsLihEyMNpc) filmed Jacky painting a portrait of her friend Pat in “Smoko Break”. www.jackypearson.com email:info@jackypearson.com


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