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‘Amanda’s Other Art’

This workshop will be exciting, you will experience a change from the regular watercolour workshop. The very versatile Amanda Hyatt, who is known primarily as a watercolourist, also works in oil, pastel, charcoal and inks. She is going to be taking you in a workshop which will ‘expand your thinking about art’ by allowing the student to experience several mediums thus allowing the student to ‘ find their own way’. At the end of the week, the student will have several new and exploratory paintings, each allowing for their own self-expression, which is the requirement for making the step from hobby artist to creative artist.

  • Day One: A watercolour Landscape (morning) and waterscape (afternoon)
  • Day Two: Charcoal, pencil, watercolour life drawing (all day)
  • Day Three: A watercolour still life (morning) and watercolour figure from life (afternoon)
  • Day Four: A watercolour landscape (morning) and an abstract watercolour (afternoon)
  • Day Five: Animals in Watercolour

Be prepared for a great workshop with a dynamic tutor. The requirement list will be sent to each participant closer to the workshop.  A model fee will be included in the requirements list. Open to the experienced artist, 18 years and over.

Amanda Hyatt is a realist tonal impressionist artist who paints in the fast alla prima way of spontaneously capturing the moment and light. She excels in en plein air work and always paints full sheets. As a tonal artist her moody, light filled, atmospheric and energised paintings leave an indelible impression. She has won many major Australian art awards including the Camberwell ‘Gold Medal’, the Kenneth Jack ‘Watercolour Prize’ and the Bale. Amanda has also been awarded ‘Artist of the Year’ and the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at the Victorian Artists Society. She is a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute, a signatory member of the Victorian Artists Society and a long-standing member (25 years) of the Twenty Melbourne Painters Society. Her paintings are highly sought after and can be found in collections throughout the world. Amanda is a renowned national and international teacher of watercolour painting and conducts national and international painting workshops (e.g. the UK and Europe). She has a range of media presentations including three APV Films DVDs “Five Steps to Watercolour” and the Masterclass series: “Watercolour Landscape”; and Watercolour River Scene and a further two DVDs filmed by the Australian and USA television program Colour in Your Life. In addition to the DVDs and downloads, Amanda has a book titled “Lessons in Watercolour” available through Amazon books. In addition to painting and teaching, Amanda has written many invited contributions to art literature including Flashart (USA), L’Art de l’ Aquarelle (France), The Artist (UK), Australian Artist and International Artist. 

For more information refer to Amanda’s website

2018 Terms & Conditions


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