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Three Lines, Three Tones, Three Colours — Vibrant Landscapes, Streetscapes & Marinescapes in Oils

In this workshop, we will learn the basic steps that will assist you in the making of a good painting. Our painting will be alla prima [wet into wet] and we will start with three simple, important lines that will be the backbone of the initial drawing. We will then build up from there. It is here that we will learn the value of good composition, the location of points of interest, the rules of good perspective, and even narrative. These are all aspects that contribute to the finish of a good painting. Following this, we will look at the three basic tonal values of our painting, and create a tonal thumbnail prior to applying our tones. It is here that we learn the value of the placements of darks against lights. In applying our tones with thin paint to the painting, we will be laying the foundations for our colours while making sure that they are still tonality correct and in line with our thumbnail sketch. Finally, we come to the three colours. Using the primary colours we will have a warm set of red, yellow and blue, and a cool set of the same, plus white. We will learn how to mix the colours we need using, wherever possible, just the three primary colours. There may be times when I give you three more colours to use, but learning how to mix any colour you want from the basic primary set is a very useful tool. Wet into wet painting has a very textual quality so we will learn not only how to apply paint but also the understanding of lost and found edges, aerial perspective and good form.  Our aim is to produce a painting that rests well with the eye and is removed from the photographic image of small details with the judicial use of strong tone and colour. Open to all comers 18 years and over           

Art has always been a part of Chris Blake’s life. His great-aunt was a very accomplished artist and as a child, Chris was always drawing. His schoolboy dream was to become an art teacher, a dream he has now fulfilled. Chris was born in South London and at 17 emigrated here as £10 Pom. His love of adventure soon found him living a very different lifestyle working in the Queensland outback and taking on a variety of jobs from cowboy to stockman, fencer to fettler. He always said that he was privileged to see the bush as it was in the early part of the 1900s before motorbikes and helicopters took over from horses. This knockabout life in the bush sharpened his awareness, and love, of the Outback and its people, and has continued to inspire his art today. Throughout this early part of Chris’s life, he was always sketching but it was not until the late 1970s that Chris turned to painting.   By then, he was a solo parent living in Melbourne. He enrolled in the Peninsula Art Group and he enjoyed painting out with well-known Melbourne artists of the time. Back in Queensland in the early 1990s, Chris took up his art in earnest. He soon joined the newly formed Caloundra Learning Cooperative, where he became a popular art tutor teaching drawing, oil painting, and pen-and-wash. While he is primarily a self-taught artist, he has taken workshops with Rex Backhaus-Smith, Herman Pekel, Maxwell Wilks and Ross Patterson, as well as painted out with well-known local artists such as Peter Hudson and the late Brian Allison. Chris’s style could be best described as a contemporary impressionist approach to landscape painting in which tone, colour and texture are emphasised. His work is easily recognised for its vibrant colours, the interplay of lights and darks, his quirky figures and his unique choice of subjects.  He specialises in outback, townscape and marine scenes of places he has visited and loved. Chris believes that through art we can learn to see, and when we have learnt that, there is a whole new world of understanding of beauty that is opened up to us. Over the years Chris has achieved numerous art awards and recognition amongst fellow artists, including the Farrow Award for Artistic Excellence at Maleny Art Awards in 2003, being short-listed for the Kenilworth art prize two years running in 2010 and 2011, winning 1st prize in the Pastel Society of Australia winter exhibition in 2011 and 1st in the scape awards in 2014 and 2015.  Chris has travelled extensively over the last couple of years, teaching workshops in 5 states as well as overseas.  His workshops are always infused with humour, warmth and considerable enthusiasm.


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