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Still life, birds and animals in acrylic

In this 5-day workshop, we will be using Acrylic paints and mediums which will be a great learning opportunity to all students attending. Come and immerse yourself into this creative and informative workshop where you will learn much about painting a couple of our favourite Australian icons. We will explore many aspects of Acrylic paints and mediums whilst we apply paint and be focusing on mixing colours, under painting for effects, colour discourse with attitude, colour harmonies, tonal mapping, composition and visual balance, adding texture for drama and much, much more. See your emu painting develop a real attitude on your canvas as you scribe and model in charcoal with intent before adding paint and colour for some serious, surly, chip on the shoulder ‘ATTITUDE’. Then we flip the switch, loose the attitude and go soft and cuddly with thick fur and cute brown eyes as we paint another of our Australian icons. Slowing things down now, we will take a fresh look presented by the often undervalued Still Life or my preferred. ‘Mini Landscape’. Definitely NOT A YAWN here as we explore reverse colouring over alternate grounds using textures and palette knife to add drama and substance with fabulous and often unexpected results. (Not a trip for the faint-hearted). This workshop is an ideal painting and learning experience as it offers each student opportunities to develop and grow their own particular painting styles under the watchful eye of the tutor. I also do in-class, live painting demonstrations to better illustrate my techniques and I explain every step along the way to assist students to better understand how I do it and how they can incorporate these techniques into their own paintings. Students are encouraged to then use what they are learning as they create their own workshop painting.

Students will gain new skills, perspectives, and understandings of the painting process, as well as growing self-confidence and expanding their existing painting repertoire. I also bring several of my own previously completed paintings to show finished examples of my work which I then appraise individually for students who will gain benefits including a greater understanding of the process, application, medium usage and techniques applicable to this workshop. Students are encouraged to pro-actively participate in the workshop with hands-on painting exercises. Plus, throughout the workshop, I actively engage with each student, in turn, one-on-one to assist and advise as they apply in paint what they are learning. I will be there every step of the way to offer my experience and guidance whilst overseeing their entire painting process. All students will get a great opportunity to practice, refine and apply new techniques and incorporate these into their own paintings as they develop more advanced levels of understanding and grow in confidence. The workshop also offers. Lots of great painting tips, tricks and extra information will be given. This workshop is ideal for intermediate and more advanced level students 18 years and over, (Artists who already paint and want to learn more to improve their paintings, their techniques and overall knowledge), donsart009@bigpond.com

Painting and creating are Don’s passions, with Australia offering him such a rich source of inspiration for his artistic endeavours. He chooses themes and subjects from this rich and unique way of life, its characters and scenery, all of which inspire, colour and enriches his world as an artist. His honest, intuitive approach to painting has won Don many awards and accolades which have led to many commissioned artworks produced in his popular themes. Recent awards include 2017 ‘’Best Portrait” Art at Kogan 2016, 2016 & 2014 Portrait “Andrew Fisher”. 2015 Semi-Finalist “Doug Moran National Portrait”. 2013 Portrait “Window’s Of Time”, “Best Landscape & Best Still Life” Moore Art Awards, Solo and various group exhibitions spanning 1985 – 2012. “I am primarily a Visual Communicator using images to tell stories in my own way as I celebrate my ‘Freedom of Expression’ through mediums such as Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, and Charcoal. I’m inspired by my environment and the colourful characters who inhabit it. My internal impressions manifest and reflect themselves through my paintings, covering many subjects and genres, predominately Portraiture, Seascapes, Landscapes, and Still Life. The intuitive artist can see below the surface, which empowers the creative spirit to express “That Special Something”, the true and unique essence of the subject. I believe every artist needs to discover their own unique way of expressing these things by developing their own individual techniques and methods. Using colour and tone to create mood and leaving the mark of the artist’s brush strokes in the paint itself.


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