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Good Drawing Skills and making Watercolour work for you! In the Studio or maybe some en Plein Air if students are happy to participate.

I started my art journey from a rather young age but like many people like you never had an opportunity. Well, I got good news for you. This workshop leads you thru all the steps necessary to learn proper drawing, apply watercolour and do Pen and Wash paintings. After all those years of teaching art, I have found that you can learn and do art at a later stage in life and still make a success of it. It all really depends on your interest, enthusiasm, persistence, input and a little ability. What is most important is that you start off with a solid and proper art grounding and instruction. Learn the right things from day one. It avoids disappointments, heartache and frustration later on. I, as a qualified art teacher, will travel with you on this journey and make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. If you are already an experienced painter and want to learn more, this workshop will also be very helpful and useful to you. You may pick up some different styles, new approaches and different ways of application, to give your present work more content, body and creativity. I will give you feedback from the level you are at, discover your style and thru guidance and demonstration I will try to make you a better artist, not transforming you into a “clone of myself”! Our topics are varied, to make sure that you get exposed to different approaches depending on the topic at hand. They include Landscape, Bird, Qld veranda, Ballet dancers, Greek island boat scene, Paris scene, Venetian Cathedral Santa Maria Della salute, Portrait of a child, Flowers and more if we have time. Also included is a Plein air outing to sketch an old cottage in the area of the School. I discourage you from copying exactly my demonstrations.  I rather steer you to do your own thing, using the techniques you have learned. You may like to do something different, stimulating your creativity and develop our own vision, making it your painting. I rather go for interpretation rather than imitation. Our main focus will always be on shape, light, tone, movement, composition and texture. Plein air sketching – If the group is interested and the weather is suitable, we could venture outside the training room and undertake some plein air sketching. Please bring a portable folding chair, hat, sunglasses and an Ipad if you have one. Please note:  You do not have to bring in photographs as I will provide them. Please come and join me and find out what’s new! Open to all comers eighteen years and over. 

Cees has always loved to do art. When he matriculated, he studied to become a teacher and went to the art academies in Rotterdam and The Hague, learning the master’s way of doing things.  After several art exhibitions in Europe, travelling the old world, Cees settled in Brisbane Australia.  Although his career was in business management, his heart was with the arts and Cees continued having exhibitions, participating in art shows, winning awards and publishing his work in magazines such as The Australian Palette and The Australian Artist. Cees was a member of the Watercolour society where he became president for some time. Due to his love for teaching and his background in that, he taught, at various TAFE Colleges, Brisbane Arts Academy, Grafton Artsfest, Moreton Bay Artsfest, Fay Boyd’s Art School, and Charles Sturt University and at the McGregor School. Cees opened up his own art academy in late 1980 which is still running from the Cannon Hill School of Arts in Brisbane. He also enjoys doing workshops around the country, in New Zealand, Norfolk Island, France, Italy, Croatia and Greece. Due to his national and international exposure and overseas education, Cees is in a great position to offer students a wealth of knowledge and experience.

He is looking forward to welcoming you in his Pen and wash/ Watercolour/ Drawing class.

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2018 Terms & Conditions


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